Author: GreenLine Environmental Solutions

Clogged sewer line in Bedford Park, IllinoisDoes your Bedford Park, IL, property regularly experience clogging? Is the sewer line backing up? Do you feel that the plumbing system hasn’t been working efficiently as of late? If so, you could benefit from a safe, quick, effective, on-time, and long-lasting solution — like sewer line rodding. It’s a traditional and cost-effective technique that effectively removes any clogging in your drainage system.

Grease trap cleaning service in Elk Grove Village, IllinoisWhen it comes to a waste disposal system — whether hooked up to a residential septic system or a sewer line in a commercial property — a grease trap is one of the most critical components. Considering that the disposal of grease is crucial to prevent the sewer line from breaking down or potentially polluting the main sewer system with contaminated waste, grease trap cleaning is one of those things you should not ignore. This is where professional grease trap cleaning services in Elk Grove Village, Illinois can help.

Storm sewer line cleaning in Chicago, IllinoisMaintaining your business property takes a lot more than simply repainting the dull parking lines, keeping the asphalt from cracking, or landscaping. It is also about keeping the storm sewer lines in good condition. It is essential to ensure that your storm sewer line is working properly at all times. If the sewer cannot efficiently channel the excess water, it might spell some serious trouble in the event of a storm. The water may stagnate and result in a flood, which could, in turn, compromise the structural integrity of your commercial establishment. As you might expect, this will be a pretty expensive problem that you don’t want to deal with.
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