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Top-tier Vacuum Truck Services in Chicagoland

Things get dirty; that is a simple fact of nature. This is particularly true when it comes to industrial areas. However, you can’t just allow these areas to remain dirty. If you want to keep them safe, functional, and compliant, they will need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

The question: how do you keep industrial areas clean?

The answer: vacuum trucks.

Interested in utilizing vacuum truck services in Chicagoland? Greenline Environmental Solutions has you covered.

We operate one of the most diverse fleets of in-plant and over-the-road vacuum equipment available in the industry today. Whatever your industrial vacuuming needs might be, GreenLine can provide the right equipment and personnel to complete the project on time and on budget.

Our Equipment

At GreenLine, we use Vacall products that are distinguished in the industry for their superior performance. This equipment is adept at clearing sewer lines, cleaning up catch basins and managing demanding industrial cleanup challenges.

Designed and built by Gradall Industries to meet world class standards for quality, our full complement of vacuuming equipment includes liquid vacuum units, air machines and hydro-excavation units.

Liquid Vacuum Units

If your business deal with a great amount of liquid spillage, you would be well-served by bringing in a liquid vacuum unit. These units will suck liquid up directly off the floor, cleaning and clearing it in a matter of seconds.

These vacuums are used to clean up a variety of liquids, from water, to mud, to oil, to chemical sludge, and much, much more.

Air Machines

Air machines can do much of what liquid vacuum units can do, sucking up liquids of all types in a matter of seconds. However, they are not limited to liquids. These units can also be used to deal with dry waste and semi-dry waste.

A Trained and Highly-skilled Team

Industrial cleaning requires experienced union personnel with specialized training in operations and safety. At GreenLine, we provide highly qualified union drivers and technicians with a full complement of equipment, supplies, and vendor relationships; all of which serve to meet your many needs.

Who Can We Help?

GreenLine works with businesses in all types of industries, from the auto industry, to the food industry, to the agriculture industry, to the energy industry, and more. If your company generates a great deal of waste by-product, we can help you to clean it up in a safe, responsible, EPA-compliant, and environmentally-friendly manner.

Services we provide:

  • Complete Drainage System Cleaning
  • Grease Trap & Catch Basin Cleaning
  • Storm & Sanitary Line Jetting
  • Tank & Trench Cleaning
  • Oil Water Separator Cleanouts
  • Lift Station & Ejector Pit Cleanouts
  • Culvert Cleaning
  • Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Utilize Top-notch Vacuum Truck Services in Chicagoland

Do you need help with industrial cleanup? Interested in utilizing top-notch vacuum truck services in Chicagoland? Greenline Environmental Solutions is the company to call.

With highly trained operators and specialized equipment, we aim to have our projects completed as efficiently as possible. Whether we’re dealing with wet or dry viscosities, we have the capability to handle customer waste in a safe and compliant manner.

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