How to Clean Your Property Efficiently with the Vacall AllVac: Insights from a Vacuum Truck Company in Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Vacuum truck company in Elk Grove Village Illinois

How to Clean Your Property Efficiently with the Vacall AllVac: Insights from a Vacuum Truck Company in Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Whether you work with the city and are responsible for keeping the streets clean, or you manage an industrial site and are responsible for meeting environmental regulations, the Vacall AllVac can benefit you greatly.

This modern vacuum truck is loaded with special features, all of which are geared toward creating the most efficient cleanup process possible. Are you interested in learning more about the Vacall AllVac and can it help you work more efficiently? This vacuum truck company in Elk Grove Village, Illinois is going to discuss everything you’ll need to know below.

A Variety of Cleaning Capabilities

The Vacall AllVac isn’t relegated to any one type of substance. It can be used to clean up a wide variety of substances — from sludge to dust to soil to water to chemicals and even some solid objects.

Because of its cleaning capabilities, it can be used by your local Elk Grove Village vacuum truck company to clear out a large area in a short period of time. As such, it reduces operational downtime and improves overall productivity.

Several Unique Features

When compared to other vacuum trucks, the Vacall AllVac reigns supreme. This is due to its many unique features, which include the following:

An Ultra-powerful Blower

The AllVac comes with a powerful blower, which allows it to suck up anything in its proximity with ease. At its peak, it offers 28” Hg of vacuum power and 5760 CFM of airflow.

Its high-power capabilities are made possible by its top-tier air filtration system. This is a snap-ring filter system that optimizes clean air volume around each individual filter.

Not only does it allow for superior blower power, but superior blower consistency as well. The blower has essentially no downtime, which means everything in the truck’s path will get vacuumed up. It doesn’t get any more efficient than that.

A Highly Efficient Filtration System

As we noted above, the AllVac is equipped with a highly efficient filtration system. This filtration system makes use of several components, which includes an air cannon cleaning system, dual pre-filters, and an array of filtration bags.

The air cannon cleaning system works continuously until the end of each cycle. Once the cycle has ended, the cleaning system resets and prepares itself for the next cycle. With its system of steel pipes, it is highly durable and extremely consistent.

The dual pre-filters work together to remove wet and dry materials from the vacuumed air. This ensures that they don’t make their way into the bag house.

The array of filtration bags allows for optimal air volume without comprising anything in terms of air contamination. This allows the air to work as efficiently as possible.

Enlarged Dump Chutes

The AllVac’s enlarged dump chutes allow vacuumed materials to be disposed of quickly and easily. These rounded chutes can be added and removed as needed by your local vacuum truck company in Elk Grove Village, allowing for optimal cleaning whenever necessary.

Extremely Tough Gaskets

The truck also comes with extremely tough gaskets. They can withstand the effects of everything from acid to sand to a variety of other waste materials. Because of this, vacuum truck companies in Elk Grove Village can use the AllVac for years and years without seeing any reduction in efficiency.

A User Intuitive Tailgate

The tailgate on this truck is exceedingly user intuitive, and it’s meant to be operated by just a single person. Its hydraulic lock system requires minimal manual effort, and it’s also entirely leak-free. Sporting a high-traction ladder and platform, it’s easy for anyone to maneuver around.

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