Storm Sewer Line Cleaning, Rodding, Jetting & Video Inspection

Storm Sewer Line Cleaning- Hydro Jetting & Rodding

Steam traps, oil water separators, and 60-inch storm sewers all have one thing in common: sediment & debris will accumulate. While you might not think this as a potential problem, the fact of the matter is that it is. Allowing debris and residue to pile up on these components can result in severe impairment, greatly reducing their ability to function as intended.

It’s for this reason that you need to have these components cleaned on a regular basis. How do you go about cleaning them? Your best bet is to bring in the professionals.

Looking for high-quality storm sewer line cleaning services in Chicagoland? Whether you have storm sewers or oil-bearing sewers, the tank technicians at Greenline Environmental Solutions can help to keep them flowing properly.

How Often Should Your Storm Sewer Line Be Cleaned?

There is no hard and fast rule for how often you should have your storm sewer lines cleaned. Each different sewer line is exposed to different contaminants, meaning that some will get dirtier much faster than others.

However, it’s generally recommended that you have your storm sewer line cleaned at least once a year. This will typically prevent any cases of all-impairing grime buildup, regardless of how much action your sewer line sees.

Storm Sewer Line Cleaning Methods

We utilize two different methods for cleaning storm sewer lines. These methods include hydro jetting and rodding.

Hydro Jetting

During the hydro jetting process, high pressure water is sent through a jet nozzle at the end of a specialized hose. This water is driven through a sewer pipeline, breaking through obstructions and blockages.

As the jet hose is rewound, high-pressure water cleans the sewer walls and back flushes all the debris. Then everything is vacuumed into a debris tank. All debris is then manifested and disposed of in full compliance with all federal, state & local regulations.

GreenLine utilizes VACALL All JetVac’s combination sewer trucks to carry out the hydro jetting process. These trucks make use of a positive displacement blower system, setting the industry standard for high performance and reliability. Powered by chassis engines, these vacuum and jetting systems enable GreenLine to open clogged sewer lines and remove debris while also reducing fuel consumption.


Whereas hydro jetting is a relatively new cleaning method, rodding is a fairly old cleaning method. With this method, long, flexible, metal rods are used to physically break apart chunks of debris. These motor-powered rods have rotating heads which grind at dirt and grime, causing it to deteriorate and fall away.

Rodding can be used to reach the deepest corners of storm sewer lines, bending to and fro without the risk of breaking. Though it’s not the most popularly used sewer cleaning method anymore, it’s still very often used as a supplement to hydro jetting.

Services we provide:

  • Complete Drainage System Cleaning
  • Grease Trap & Catch Basin Cleaning
  • Storm & Sanitary Line Jetting
  • Tank & Trench Cleaning
  • Oil Water Separator Cleanouts
  • Lift Station & Ejector Pit Cleanouts
  • Culvert Cleaning
  • Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Get Help from the Premier Storm Sewer Line Cleaning Service in Chicagoland

Is your storm sewer line dirty and clogged? Is it in serious need of a cleaning? If so, and if you’re looking for the premier storm sewer line cleaning service in Chicagoland, look no more! Greenline Environmental Solutions is the company to see.

Utilizing both hydro-jetting and rodding techniques, we will rid your storm sewer line of all residue. Our team of seasoned cleaning specialists looks forward to helping you.

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