The Features of the Vacall AllJetVac: Insights from a Vacuum Truck Company in East Chicago, Indiana

Vacuum truck service company in East Chicago, Indiana

The Features of the Vacall AllJetVac: Insights from a Vacuum Truck Company in East Chicago, Indiana

Due to the nature of what they do, sewer lines get dirty in a hurry. In most cases, it only takes a few months before small clogs and blockages start to form inside a sewer line, which can lead to several issues for a home or commercial building in East Chicago. As such, regular cleaning is strongly recommended.

There are several different ways to clean a sewer line. However, the easiest and most efficient method is to utilize hydro jetting. This is a process in which water is blasted against the interior walls of the sewer line, which is done to break apart sewage residue. The water and residue are then vacuumed back up, leaving the sewer line clean and unobstructed.

When it’s time to clean a sewer line, there are all sorts of machines you can use. However, if you want to get the best service possible, you’ll want to hire a vacuum truck company in East Chicago, Indiana that uses the Vacall AllJetVac.

Are you wondering what this machine has to offer? We’re going to discuss everything you’ll need to know below.

Understanding the Functionality of the Vacall AllJetVac

As far as sewer cleaning machines go, nothing out-performs the Vacall AllJetVac. This machine uses a long, narrow hose to blast a sewer line with water, breaking apart residue as it travels through. In doing so, it eliminates blockages quickly and easily.

The hose is snaked all the way to the end of the sewer line, then it is reeled back up to the surface. Even on its return route, it blasts water at a high pressure the entire time, breaking apart any residue that may have remained after the first pass.

Simultaneously, it employs a high-powered vacuum that sucks up any loose debris. This vacuum allows the machine to break apart and dispose of sewage debris in one fell swoop. When it comes to vacuum truck services in East Chicago, this is as efficient as it gets.

The Features of the Vacall AllJetVac

The Vacall AllJetVac comes with several useful features. These features include (but aren’t limited to) the following:

Less Mess

Sewer line cleaning isn’t always the cleanest job. Depending on which East Chicago vacuum truck company you hire, sewage could make its way up to the surface as they carry out the cleaning process, creating a mess around the area.

This isn’t the case at GreenLine Environmental Solutions — we use the Vacall AllJetVac for all our sewer line cleaning jobs. This machine vacuums up sewage waste and transfers it directly from the line to its storage tank. This is done to ensure that no residual sewage is spilled in the process.

Efficient Cleaning

In some cases, it can take several hours to clean a sewer line. This is particularly true when techniques like snaking and rodding are being utilized. Fortunately, the AllJetVac can speed up the process, providing a more efficient cleaning service overall.

As was noted above, this machine uses a high-pressure hose and high-powered vacuum to simultaneously break apart and suck up sewage residue. This allows it to clean a sewer line with just a down-and-back pass of the hose. By partnering with the right vacuum truck company in East Chicago, you can receive a more efficient cleaning service.

Low Labor Cost

As was noted above, the AllJetVac works exceedingly quickly. This is beneficial in a few different ways. Not only does it ensure that the project is finished as soon as possible, but it also minimizes the amount of labor that’s needed to finish the project. This results in lower labor costs, which are ultimately passed on to the customer.

Looking for a Vacuum Truck Company in East Chicago, Indiana?

The Vacall AllJetVac has a lot to offer, and it can be used to provide a more effective sewer line cleaning service. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this machine, and if you’re looking for the premier vacuum truck company in East Chicago, Indiana, look no further than GreenLine Environmental Solutions.

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