Making Use of the Vacall AllVac: Insights from a Vacuum Truck Company in Valparaiso, Indiana

Vacuum truck company in Valparaiso Indiana

Making Use of the Vacall AllVac: Insights from a Vacuum Truck Company in Valparaiso, Indiana

Industrial cleanup requires large and efficient machines, which need to be able to clean large areas in short amounts of time. While there are all sorts of these machines on the market today, none quite measure up to the Vacall AllVac.

The Vacall AllVac offers a variety of benefits. Are you interested in learning about the specific benefits it provides? This vacuum truck company in the Valparaiso, Indiana area is going to review them below.

Clean the Area Thoroughly with the Use of Its Ultra-powerful Blower Mechanism

One of the key features of the Vacall AllVac is its ultra-powerful blower mechanism. This mechanism can vacuum up all types of substances — from dust to dirt to chemical sludge to food waste and more. Regardless of what’s in its path, it will be removed in one fell swoop.

It creates up to 28” Hg of air pressure, as well as 5760 CFM of air volume. This is helped by its air filtration system, which a eliminates vacuumed substances so they can’t make their way into the AllVac’s bag house.

Put simply, the Vacall AllVac does a terrific job of cleaning waste. Any vacuum truck company in Valparaiso, Indiana that uses the Vacall AllVac will be able to get the job done quickly.

Improve Task Efficiency Using Its Top-notch Filtration System

The AllVac’s top-notch filtration system is key to its functionality. This system is highly efficient, utilizing an air cannon, combo pre-filters, and a bag filtration entity to create the most nuanced and rapid filtration possible. This high-efficiency system utilizes not only an air cannon mechanism, but combo pre-filters and bag filtration technology as well.

The air cannon ensures that the vacuum power remains consistent, allowing for essentially endless use. The combo pre-filter, on the other hand, prevents foreign substances from getting into the blower system. What does the bag filtration system do? It ensures the best airflow possible, in addition to fighting off exterior substances.

Together, these three entities create the strongest and most reliable airflow possible. This allows for maximum efficiency by your local Valparaiso vacuum truck company.

Optimizes User-friendliness with Its High-functionality Tailgate

One of the biggest advantages of the AllVac is that it can be operated by just one person. This is all thanks to its high-functionality tailgate.

With its high-traction platform and ladder, it does a great job of preventing slippage. Equipped with a hydraulic system, it opens and closes easily, allowing it to be operated by people of all sizes and strengths.

In addition, it’s designed not to leak. As such, it leaves essentially no mess and allows your vacuum truck company in Valparaiso to clean up the area as quickly as possible.

Provides Years and Years of Use

Are you curious as to the durability of the Vacall AllVac? Simply put, it’s extremely durable. Its components are made from heavy-duty steel, allowing it highly resistant not only to physical trauma, but general weathering as well.

Its poured-in gaskets are also highly resistant to leaking and tearing. Not even acidic substances are able to make their way through. In essence, the Vacall AllVac can clean just about anything it encounters.

When you put it all together, you get an exceedingly tough and durable machine that will last for years and years. If properly cared for, this machine can last well over a decade.

Looking for a Vacuum Truck Company in Valparaiso, Indiana?

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Regardless of the type of waste you need to have removed, our crew can handle it in a safe and compliant manner. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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