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Industrial Cleaning requires experienced personnel with specialized training in operations and safety who utilize high-powered equipment.

Mills and plants generate a variety of waste by-products.  Some of those by-products are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency and must be disposed in a legally responsible manner.  Other waste by-products are common and unregulated and may be disposed of in a variety of manners.

At GreenLine, we provide highly qualified union drivers and technicians with a full complement of equipment, supplies, and vendor relationships to meet your needs.


The environment needs to be respected and protected.  Part of the vision of GreenLine is to make certain that waste handled by us is managed responsibly.  This is not only a legal requirement for us; it is a moral and ethical imperative.

Rest assured that the waste handled by us will be transported to the proper disposal facility, whether the waste is solid or liquid, hazardous or non-hazardous. You will always have a record of how and where your waste was handled.


Whether you have storm sewers or oil-bearing sewers, Greenline’s tank technicians can keep them flowing properly.  From small laboratory drains and steam traps to oil water separators and 60-inch storm sewers, when a foreign substance is present, we will remove it.

  • Complete Drainage System Cleaning
  • Grease Trap & Catch Basin Cleaning
  • Storm & Sanitary Line Jetting
  • Tank & Trench Cleaning
  • Oil Water Separator Cleanouts
  • Lift Station & Ejector Pit Cleanouts
  • Culvert Cleaning
  • Heat Exchanger Cleaning


In the event you find yourself with constant clogs or backups or a blockage that cannot be cleared, GreenLine can provide a camera crew to inspect and video record the inside of the pipe.  Whether the pipe is blocked with roots, sediment, debris, mineral deposits, collapsed line, etc., GreenLine will determine the proper means of clearing the obstruction or propose an alternate solution.

These costs of these services are minimal when compared to the cost of replacing pipes or constantly servicing a pipe with limited flow.  Visual inspection will ensure an accurate diagnosis of the problem.


Every customer has a unique set of needs and every location has its nuances.  GreenLine will gladly follow any company or site specific programs.  Alternatively, our experienced and knowledgeable account managers will work with you to create a customized maintenance plan.

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