Why Use a Super Sucker Vacuum Truck to Keep Your Sewer Lines Clean? A Sewer Line Cleaning Company in Arlington Heights, Illinois Explains

Sewer Line Cleaning Company in Arlington Heights Illinois

Why Use a Super Sucker Vacuum Truck to Keep Your Sewer Lines Clean? A Sewer Line Cleaning Company in Arlington Heights, Illinois Explains

Over time, as a sewer line sees more and more use, it will become dirty. At some point, it will become so dirty that it can no longer perform its function. This can quickly lead to serious problems around your commercial or industrial worksite, putting your production to a halt in some cases.

Fortunately, you can avoid this issue by having your sewer lines cleaned regularly. There are several ways to go about this — however, the quickest and most efficient option is to use a Super Sucker vacuum truck.

Are you interested in learning about the Super Sucker vacuum truck and why it is integral to the sewer line cleaning process? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This sewer line cleaning company in Arlington Heights, Illinois is going to explain below.

What Makes the Super Sucker So Effective at Cleaning Sewer Lines?

There’s more than one way to clean a sewer line. So, what makes the Super Sucker vacuum truck the ideal machine for the job? There are quite a few positive features these trucks possess, all of which lend themselves to successful sewer line cleaning. These include the following:

Hydro Jetting Hose

One of the keys to the Super Sucker’s success is its hydro jetting hose. This hose snakes down into sewer lines, while simultaneously spraying water at an exceedingly high pressure. This water contacts grime within the sewer line, instantly separating it from the line’s interior walls. This allows the machine to work extremely quickly and efficiently. A single pass of the hose will remove the sewer walls of almost all its residue, which allows for a quick and effective cleaning overall.

High-Pressure Vacuum

In addition to a hydro jetting hose, the Super Sucker also offers a high-pressure vacuum. This works in concert with the hydro jetting hose, sucking up residue the very moment it’s freed from the sewer line’s interior wall. This feature also helps improve efficiency, allowing sewer line cleaning companies in Arlington Heights, Illinois to make quick work of even the dirtiest sewer lines.

Large Storage Tank

Finally, there’s the Super Sucker’s large storage tank. This oversized tank catches debris straight from the vacuum, ensuring that there’s no spillage from point A to point B. Due to its large size, it rarely needs to be emptied, allowing the Super Sucker vacuum truck to handle several sewer lines in a row without downtime.

What Can Happen If You Don’t Clean Your Sewer Lines?

You might be wondering: what can happen if you don’t schedule regular services with a sewer line cleaning company in Arlington Heights, Illinois? Several negative consequences can arise if you do not regularly clean your sewer line.

First, you may start to notice that new sewage drains slowly. This is because the sewer line is blocked up and not allowing new sewage to pass without resistance. Resistance will likely grow more and more over time, eventually resulting in a complete lack of sewage flow. At this point, standing water might plague the area around the drain opening, creating an unsafe environment and reducing productivity.

In the worst-case scenario, sewage can back up out of the line, spilling out into the area around the sewer opening. This can cause substantial damage, and it could even create a toxic and costly situation.

Looking for a Sewer Line Cleaning Company in Arlington Heights, Illinois?

Are you ready to have your sewer line cleaned by the professionals? Looking for a sewer line cleaning company in Arlington Heights, Illinois that uses Super Sucker vacuum trucks? If so, look no further than the team at GreenLine Environmental Solutions, LLC.

Our crew has cleaned countless sewer lines throughout the Arlington Heights area, using our Super Suckers vacuum trucks to facilitate the process. Regardless of your sewer cleaning needs, we are the people to call. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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