Why Should You Clean Your Catch Basins Regularly? Insights from a Catch Basin Cleaning Company in Bensenville, Illinois

Catch Basin Cleaning Company in Bensenville Illinois

Why Should You Clean Your Catch Basins Regularly? Insights from a Catch Basin Cleaning Company in Bensenville, Illinois

Catch basins are vital for keeping large objects out of sewer lines. Unfortunately, as they do their job, they also tend to become extremely dirty. If they’re not cleaned in a timely manner, there are a wide range of costly issues that can result.

Fortunately, there are several ways to clean a catch basin. But of all the methods available, the fastest and most efficient method is to use a Super Sucker vacuum truck.

Are you wondering what exactly a Super Sucker vacuum truck is? Wondering why it’s important to have your catch basins cleaned in the first place? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This catch basin cleaning company in Bensenville, Illinois is going to explain below.

What Is a Super Sucker Vacuum Truck?

A Super Sucker vacuum truck is a cleaning machine that consists of a hydro jetting hose, a high-pressure vacuum, and an enlarged storage tank. It runs on wheels and can be used in both rural and urban areas.

Its hydro jetting hose is its primary feature. This hose blasts a stream of water at an exceedingly high pressure. When this water contacts residue on a catch basin, it quickly separates it from the surface, which allows for a quick and easy process.

Working in tandem with the hydro jetting hose is the high-pressure vacuum. This vacuum is always running, and it sucks up any piece of residue that’s separated from the catch basin’s surface. Because these two entities work so closely together, they make extremely quick work of the catch basin cleaning process.

Then there’s the oversized storage tank, which is connected directly to the machine’s vacuum. This way, the second the vacuum sucks up debris, the debris is sent right to the storage tank. Thanks to the tank’s large size, your catch basin cleaning company in Bensenville, Illinois will avoid having to take multiple trips to complete your service.

Why Is It Necessary to Clean Your Catch Basins?

Your catch basins might be somewhat of an afterthought at your property. However, the reality is that their cleanliness and functionality is vital to the overall performance at your property.

If you do no clean your catch basins frequently, several different things can happen. This includes the following:

Your Sewage Could Drain Slowly

One of the first things you may notice with a dirty catch basin is slow-draining sewage. This typically occurs due to residue on the catch basins. The more residue that exists, the less space there is for new sewage to pass through. The less space there is, the slower it will flow.

In some cases, the problem can become so severe that sewage doesn’t flow at all. In these cases, an emergency cleaning will likely be needed, which will greatly hurt your productivity.

Your Catch Basins Could Emit Foul Smells

Over time, as a catch basin collects more and more residue, it’s bound to take on foul and unpleasant odors. At first, these will likely be faint. However, the longer the residue lingers, the stronger the smells can become. As soon as you start to notice the smells, it’s best to contact your local catch basin cleaning company in Bensenville, Illinois.

Your Work Area Could Become Covered with Standing Sewage

If your catch basins are entirely clogged, any sewage leading into them will collect at their openings. This sewage will come to a standstill, then accumulate more and more over time. Any area of your property that’s covered by sewage will be unusable, which can negatively impact your operations and productivity.

Looking for a Catch Basin Cleaning Company in Bensenville, Illinois?

Now that you’re aware of the importance of maintaining your catch basins, are you ready to schedule a professional cleaning? Ready to partner with a catch basin cleaning company in Bensenville, Illinois that uses Super Sucker vacuum trucks? If so, GreenLine Environmental Solutions, LLC is the top choice.

Contact us today to begin the process.

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