Reasons to Use a Super Sucker Vacuum Truck to Clean Catch Basins: Insights from a Catch Basin Cleaning Company in Bolingbrook, Illinois

Catch basin cleaning company in Bolingbrook Illinois

Reasons to Use a Super Sucker Vacuum Truck to Clean Catch Basins: Insights from a Catch Basin Cleaning Company in Bolingbrook, Illinois

The purpose of cleaning a catch basin is to keep large residue from making its way down into the corresponding drain. Catch basins are almost perpetually being exposed to debris, and as such, they sometimes require a professional cleaning.

You can clean a catch basin in several ways. However, the best and most effective option is to use a Super Sucker vacuum truck. The Super Sucker is a machine that’s designed to blast away and vacuum up debris in a quick and efficient manner, which makes it well-suited for catch basin cleaning purposes.

Are you interested in learning more about Super Sucker vacuum trucks and the benefits they offer? This catch basin cleaning company in Bolingbrook, Illinois is going to discuss below.

What Can Happen if You Don’t Clean Your Catch Basins Regularly?

You might be wondering: what might happen if you don’t clean your catch basins regularly? Are the consequences really that severe? In truth, they can be.

When you don’t clean a catch basin regularly, it becomes more and more clogged. The more severe the clog, the less room there will be for water and residue to flow through. As a result, the water and residue may eventually start to back up outside of the catch basin.

There are several negative consequences of this. Someone could slip on the backed-up water, resulting in an injury. The area around the basin could become unusable, thereby resulting in production delays. There might even be contaminants backing up into the work area, resulting in a toxic environment.

As a property owner, you don’t want any of these things to happen. To prevent this, it’s best schedule regular appointments with a professional catch basin cleaning company in Bolingbrook, Illinois. By having your catch basins cleaned every two months or so, you can avoid these issues.

Reasons to Use a Super Sucker Vacuum Truck

As we’ve noted, the Super Sucker vacuum truck thrives at cleaning catch basins. It does this by utilizing several different components, which we are going to review below.

High-Pressure Hose

The Super Sucker vacuum truck’s high-pressure hose is one of its most essential features. This hose blasts away residue using water, which removes it in a matter of seconds. Thanks to this feature, catch basin cleaning companies in Bolingbrook, Illinois that use Super Sucker vacuum trucks can clean out catch basins extremely quickly. No other catch basin cleaning method allows for this level of efficiency.

High-Powered Vacuum

In addition to a high-pressure hose, the Super Sucker also has a high-powered vacuum. This vacuum works at the same time as the hose, sucking up any residue that is jarred loose by the high-pressure hose. Because it sucks up residue immediately, it allows the technicians to work as quickly as possible.

Extra-Large Storage Tank

As the Super Sucker vacuums up stray residue, it sends it to a storage tank. This storage tank is very large, allowing the machine to clean catch basins of all sizes. This ultimately helps your catch basin cleaning company in Bolingbrook, Illinois save time.

Clean Operation

Oftentimes, when alternative methods are used to clean catch basins, they leave a mess outside the basin. With the Super Sucker vacuum truck, this doesn’t occur. The Super Sucker is designed so that all residue is brought directly from the basin to the storage tank. Therefore, no residue is left behind.

Looking for a Catch Basin Cleaning Company in Bolingbrook, Illinois?

Do you want to have your catch basins cleaned quickly and effectively? Looking for a catch basin cleaning company in Bolingbrook, Illinois that uses Super Sucker vacuum trucks? If so, look no further than the team at GreenLine Environmental Solutions.

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