Vacuum Truck Services in Aurora, Illinois: Benefitting from the VACALL All JetVac

Vacuum truck services in Aurora, Illinois

Vacuum Truck Services in Aurora, Illinois: Benefitting from the VACALL All JetVac

Sewer lines are meant to get dirty. However, if they become too dirty, problems can arise. If your sewer line gets too dirty, a clog could form, resulting in a full-on sewage backup. The good thing is that this can be prevented. All that’s needed is regular sewer line cleaning.

There are several different methods that can be used to clean a sewer line. However, the most effective method is to use the VACALL All JetVac. Are you interested in learning more about it? This vacuum truck service company in Aurora, Illinois is going to explain everything you should know about the VACALL All JetVac below.

Comes With a Variety of Power Modules

The VACALL All JetVac comes with a variety of different power modules, allowing it to accommodate sewer lines of all sizes. Each of these modules is joined by a positive displacement blower, in addition to a top-notch hydro jetting system.

The smallest of these displacement blowers supplies 16 inches hg of vacuum power, while the largest blowers offer 27 inches hg of vacuum power. Note, however, that there are several other sizes as well, each of which provides its own level of vacuum power.

The hydro jetting systems span from 50 gpm to 120 gpm, offering a variety of options in between. Their total PSI can reach 3000.

Therefore, regardless of the size of the sewer line, the All JetVac can get the job done. Using a high-pressure jet-stream of water, as well as a top-notch vacuum system, it cleans sewer lines better than any other tool in existence. If you’re looking for the most effective vacuum truck services in Aurora, you can’t go wrong with the Vacall All JetVac.

Equipped With an Extremely Durable Storage Receptacle

Another benefit of the All JetVac is its storage receptacle. Powdered coated and made from galvanized steel, it’s extremely tough and durable, capable of withstanding the effects of the sun, moisture, and direct physical trauma.

Carefully positioned on the truck in a way that limits sewage shifting, it’s able to transport waste from point A to point B without creating a mess.

Offers a Telescoping Boom

Another feature offered by the All JetVac is the telescoping boom. This boom can move in all directions, allowing it to work from a variety of different angles. Connecting the hose and the storage tank, it helps ensure a tidy cleaning experience.

Stocked With a Highly Durable Water Tank

Not only is the All JetVac’s storage receptacle durable, but so is its water tank. Made from aluminum, it’s positioned high off the ground, protecting it from stones and other stray road debris. When you use the VACALL All JetVac for vacuum truck services in Aurora, you’ll never have to worry about durability being an issue.

The Advantages of the VACALL All JetVac

As you can see, the All JetVac offers several beneficial features when carrying our vacuum truck services in Aurora. As you might expect, these features work together to provide a variety of advantages.

One of the biggest advantages of the All JetVac is its efficiency. This machine simultaneously breaks apart and vacuums waste, allowing it to clean out an entire sewer line in just a single pass.

In addition, due to the durability of its components, it’s able to thrive for decades. As such, it doesn’t cost much to maintain, which helps saves money over time.

Looking for Vacuum Truck Services in Aurora, Illinois?

Do the features of the VACALL All JetVac appeal to you? Are you looking for the top-rated vacuum truck service company in Aurora, Illinois? If so, the professionals at GreenLine Environmental Solutions are here to help.

We have cleaned countless sewer lines throughout the Aurora area over the years. Whether you need service at your home or commercial property, we have you covered. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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