Grease Trap Cleaning in Franklin Park, Illinois

Grease Trap Cleaning in Franklin Park, Illinois

Clogged grease trap at a commercial property in Franklin Park, IllinoisAs the name suggests, grease trap cleaning is the process of eliminating grease waste from commercial or residential properties. Removing fats, oils, and grease (FOG) is a filthy task, but nonetheless, it must be performed regularly. The procedure is simple, but it requires specialized tools to be completed efficiently.

The Benefits of Grease Trap Cleaning

Homeowners, grocery store owners, restaurant owners, and other commercial food establishments understand that when greasy products end up going down the drain, there is a serious risk of clogging. Thus, a grease trap can be installed to prevent any blockages of the sewage system. But keeping it clean is key in order to maintain the system. Why? We’re going to explain the benefits of grease trap cleaning below:

1. Prevents Buildup

This one’s absolutely a no-brainer – if too much FOG accumulates and stays in the grease trap, it can lower the trap’s functionality and severely clog the system. Regular cleanings will ensure that the plumbing system remains clean and safe.

2. Ensures That You Stay Open for Business

One of the most common problems with FOG accumulation in the grease interceptor is backup. As it gets overfilled, the particles can start to travel up to the drain. This leads to unsanitary circumstances in the facility, requiring expensive clean-ups if the situation gets worse. In these situations, you would likely need to close down your operations until you can hire a company to fix the issue. Regular cleanings will ensure that your doors remain open for business.

3. Helps Keep Away Environmental Damage

If you don’t get your grease traps cleaned regularly, the buildup can seep and travel to the local supply lines. Grease, fats, and oils in the water supply create unhealthy environmental conditions. Old grease contains sulfuric acid that can contaminate the groundwater and pollute the area.

4. Avoids Tank Damage

As grease ages and breaks down in the tank, it eventually undergoes chemical changes that can be harmful to the tank. Sulfuric acid formation is the most dangerous, as it can cause corrosive damage that destroys all the surrounding components, especially when left untreated. Consistent cleanings will make sure the trap is free of acidic buildup and remains in pristine condition.

5. Keeps You Compliant

Most cities have strict regulations and codes on how and when you must clean the grease traps. This makes sure the trap isn’t left unchecked — otherwise, the collected waste could turn rancid, gradually affecting everyone’s health. Proper and regular cleaning makes sure you’re compliant and won’t get any fines or penalties.

How Often Should the Grease Trap Be Cleared?

Professionals suggest that you carry out a cursory cleaning every week to avoid unnecessary maintenance costs and to prevent buildup. Besides, certain city codes require monthly deep cleanings. So, on average, you should clear the trap multiple times per month, or you can hire a professional to do this for you.

Where to Dump the Waste?

It’s critical to know where you can dump the waste. The waste must be collected and discarded correctly in areas, such as a local processing facility, in order to not affect the surrounding environment. As always, a professional company can handle this for you.

Make Use of the Best Franklin Park, IL, Grease Trap Cleaning Services!

GreenLine Environmental Solutions has been serving clients for decades. Moreover, our Franklin Park clients always turn to us for all of their sewer and drainage cleaning, removal, transportation, and disposal needs.

When it comes to the grease trap cleaning of residential and commercial Franklin Park properties, our team goes above and beyond the regular standards to handle your needs. To learn more about our processes and equipment, call us today at 800-755-2510 and schedule your appointment!

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