Why Should You Clean Your Grease Traps? Insights from an Elk Grove Village Catch Basin & Grease Trap Cleaning Company

Why Should You Clean Your Grease Traps? Insights from an Elk Grove Village Catch Basin & Grease Trap Cleaning Company

Grease trap cleaning service in Elk Grove Village, IllinoisWhen it comes to a waste disposal system — whether hooked up to a residential septic system or a sewer line in a commercial property — a grease trap is one of the most critical components. Considering that the disposal of grease is crucial to prevent the sewer line from breaking down or potentially polluting the main sewer system with contaminated waste, grease trap cleaning is one of those things you should not ignore. This is where professional grease trap cleaning services in Elk Grove Village, Illinois can help.

The Importance of Cleaning Grease Traps

Fats, oils, or grease (FOG) — whether solid or liquid — are three of the most difficult to process forms of waste that can go down the drain. These types of waste take a relatively long time to decompose. And even if your septic tank includes microorganisms (such as bacteria, algae, protozoa, fungi, rotifers, nematodes, etc.) to process waste, it will still take fats, oils, or grease a long time to fully break down.

Trying to filter FOG through usual methods means that the oil will get separated from any solid waste, and it will get trapped between the solid waste tank and the drainpipes due to the fact that oil is denser than water. Over time, the oil will build up and turn into a solid mass, trapping food particles and other debris, and resulting in unnecessary clogging issues that can impair your entire plumbing system.

That said, fats, oil, and grease can cause a lot more damage beyond just clogging up the system — even more so if they originate from food processing. If left to settle within the tank, the FOG can become rancid as parts of it begin to decompose. If it gets flushed into the water supply, it can contaminate it and turn the pipes into a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. On top of that, it can also allow for harmful toxins (usually in the form of toxic gases) to harbor within the tank itself. These toxins can be a serious health risk to anyone exposed to them.

Fortunately, all of these issues can be easily avoided by hiring a grease trap cleaning service provider in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. Keeping your grease traps cleaned and well maintained can prevent the fats, oils, or grease from reaching the septic tank or the waste disposal system in the first place.

Cleaning Methods

Smaller residential grease traps are specifically designed so that they can be easily removed and cleaned by hand. All you need to do is remove any solid matter from the grease trap, then throw it in the trash can. However, this can be a dirty and unpleasant task. An alternative, more convenient method of cleaning your small home-installed grease trap is to hire a local professional.

For larger grease traps used in commercial settings, skimming or pumping may be used. Skimming is where much of the solid waste is removed, while the discarded oil is left behind in the grease trap. The pumping method, on the other hand, removes both solid and liquid waste completely.

Looking for Professional Grease Trap Cleaning Services in Elk Grove Village, Illinois?

Want to keep your drains flowing smoothly, avoid expensive backups, and keep your property’s plumbing system running smoothly? Schedule a grease trap cleaning service with Greenline Environmental Solutions today! Utilizing a range of high-powered equipment, we can break and loosen any FOG build up and clean your grease traps of all debris and contamination quickly. Contact us at (800) 755-2510 to learn more about our services.

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